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Types of Hair Loss for Insurance Reimbursement

INSURANCE REIMBURSEMENT FOR CRANIAL HAIR PROSTHESIS/MEDICAL WIGS   PROSTHETIC MEDICAL WIG INSURANCE COVERAGE   If you require a wig for an existing medical condition, you may be eligible for purchase reimbursement from your health insurance provider.  Coverage and your eligibility will vary on your health insurance company and your insurance policy.  Most insurance companies will reimburse a percentage or the full amount for a cranial hair prosthesis (a WIG) for anyone suffering from medical hair loss.  In order to find out if you are eligible for Medical ‘prosthetic’ wig coverage read the information below: WHAT DO I DO FIRST?   CONTACT YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY to find out if a medical ‘hair replacement’ unit or a ‘cranial hair prosthesis’ qualifies...

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