If I order today, Will I receive my hair next week?          

On average, most customers received their hair in 7-10 days from original purchase date. However, it is recommended that you allow yourself enough time to receive your hair. Always prepare for unexpected delays from USPS due to weather related conditions.  Other shipping carriers are used for areas outside of the US.  

ALERT:  We’ve noticed occasional delays across the world due to the unexpected impacts of the new virus and various other world current affairs.  Due to this inconsistency; we are changing our standard timeframe to 12 to 16 business days.  We are very diligent and careful!  All items are processed and sent as soon as possible. Keep in mind, some areas are performing better than others so you may not see an impact at all.  Please be mindful of this change during these trying times.

Can I Expedite my order? What if I pay extra?

Unfortunately this option is not available.  

I ordered my hair during a sales period, when will I receive my hair?

Usually processing time is 7-10 business days. During a sales period this time is prolonged. It can take an additional 5 business days before your order is shipped. After it is shipped it will take 2-3 business days for US residents.  Canada and London may take longer. 

How much hair should I purchase?

3 bundles for a full install for hair 16” and under. 4 bundles for hair 18” and greater, Same is true if you add a closure. If you add a frontal you can subtract 1 bundle from the equation.

Where are you located? Can I stop by and pick up the hair?

This is an online business. Only online orders are accepted.

Can I dye or color the hair?

Yes the hair can be dyed/colored. Sometimes the chemicals in these products may loosen the curl pattern.

Can I straighten the hair?

Yes you can straighten the hair. However, kinky curly hair will not get bone straight. This hair is full of texture and when straightened it will mimic a Kinky Straight texture. Heat protectant and proper hair care should be applied.


What is your refund or return policy?

Read the refund requirements.