Meet The Owner

Meet the Owner – Lisa Maxey
Lisa Maxey is a native of Omaha, Nebraska who currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.  She is a mother, school volunteer, church trustee and a RETIRED US Army Veteran with vast knowledge in the areas of: cosmetology, entrepreneurship , income tax preparer, public accounting, strategic planning, leadership and risk management.  Her bold, yet humble personality has allowed her to achieve success in whatever she has tried and wherever she has been.
Lisa’s desire to make a difference has caused her to launch her latest entrepreneurial venture called Modern Angles LLC.  This new business venture offers customers Deluxe Hair Extensions.
Lisa believes that Modern Angles is more than a business; rather it is a part of her divine purpose.  She believes that when a person is blessed that he or she should be a blessing to others.  With that said, Modern Angles will give a portion of its quarterly sales to further the mission of local nonprofit organizations.