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How to Get Your Health Insurance to Pay for a Wig During Chemo

How to Get Your Health Insurance to Pay for a Wig During Chemo Steps to ensure your wig is covered and what to do if it isn't If you are hoping that your medical insurance will cover your wig during cancer treatment, there are a few things you should know. While most private health insurance companies provide this coverage, it's important that the prescription be written out appropriately (not for a wig) and the way in which it is reimbursed can vary.Most chemotherapy drugs can cause hair loss or thinning, but some chemotherapy drugs are more likely to cause hair loss than others. Even when your know it will happen, it can still be shocking to see your hair begin...

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Medical Wig and Insurance. Everything you need to know and more!

INSURANCE OFTEN HELPS Check Your Policy Many health insurance plans cover part of the ‎cost of medical wigs.‎ How much depends on the individual policy. This is the information that is most important to have prepared in advance: Patient: Name, Address, Phone, DOB (Birth date) Doctor: Name and a prescription for a “Medical Wig”. Copies (front and back) of your Insurance Card Insurance companies consider a wig as a ‎prosthetic device (the same as an artificial limb).‎ Every Insurance Plan (even Government Insurance) may vary from state to state and between contracts with employers. Find out about your specific policy. Ask your insurance provider for the dollar amount* your policy pays towards a Medical Wig. *NOTE: If your insurance provider says they will...

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