Natural Curly Raw Indian Hair - Modern Angles HAIR
Natural Curly Raw Indian Hair - Modern Angles HAIR

Natural Curly Raw Indian Hair

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Modern Angles Curly Raw Indian Hair is provided from organic curls from India.  The texture is not processed and is sourced directly from the donor.  Your curls will remain in tact for as long as you keep the hair.  You can wear the hair straightened, curled with heat tools, or in it’s natural curly state.  This hair will stay true to its pattern.  It is comparable to a 3a – 3b hair pattern.

Product Description:

  • Hair Origin:  Raw Temple Indian Hair - unprocessed curls
  • Color Varies Upon Donor: 1B Natural Black Brown or #2
  • Single Donor
  • Can be colored, cut, flat ironed and curled.
  • Lasts a minimum of 2-3 year with proper care and maintenance.
  • No matting, or synthetic mixes
  • Natural curly pattern that will revert back after straightening
  • 1 bundle is approximately 3.5 (about 100 grams)
  • No distasteful smelling hair as no chemicals are applied.
  • Raw Hair is NATURAL HAIR and needs to be cared for as such. 
  • Raw Hair also has the components same as real hair  does, it's 100% real! Cuticles are in tact and there will be natural frizz. We do not use silicones or strip the hair of their cuticles.

Please keep in mind the longer the hair, the looser the curl. Texture might slightly vary in curl and color, as each donors hair pattern is unique. We will match as close as possible for you.

Worried about blending, No problem we've got you covered. Try our Indian Curly Frontal and Closure

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