Guilty of Great Quality and Exceptional Service Testimonials Thank you so much for your prompt response. Beautiful Bundles (heart emoji) and conditioner! I look forward to my install. Verified Buyer: Landrea My stylist forgot about my hair appointment so I had to dye my hair and curl it myself in time to take my photo for my 'headshot' - the hair dyed easily and the curls just BEAUTIFUL!!! verified buyer: Cynthia I spoke to Lisa to order on Wednesday - my order arrived on Friday! Exceptional Service - I didn't ask for 'rush' and I didn't expect my order until the following week. verified buyer: Tina I've been stalked at the office since installing my raw bundles verified buyer: Lorie My raw wavy bundles are over 2 years old. I wear them with leave out. I typically don't even curl the hair because it looks so natural. I do put a lot of focus on keeping the hair moisturized and clean of build up. I would order again but I just don't change my hair style that much. verified buyer: Dana I loved the fact that I received a free gift with my purchase. It's the little things that make me happy...along with great quality of course. verified buyer: Kensey