Brazilian BODY WAVE Virgin Hair - Modern Angles HAIR
Brazilian BODY WAVE Virgin Hair - Modern Angles HAIR

Brazilian BODY WAVE Virgin Hair

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Brazilian Modern Angles Virgin Hair Collection

We at Modern Angles understand the market and know that there is a high demand for Virgin Hair Extensions.  We want to meet the demand of our many customers that enjoy purchasing Virgin Hair.  By offering you the very best…you will never miss out on the absolute best quality ‘Virgin Hair’.

This hair is sourced directly from China. There is no shedding tangling or matting.

Modern Angles Virgin Hair is unprocessed human hair, without chemical process and no smell, tight & strong wefts to prevent shedding.  It is soft and bouncy with shiny luster, full & thick ends.

Body Wave Virgin hair is the highest quality available on the market.

  • No chemical process or silicone coatings on this hair.
  • Collected from a single donor.
  • Cuticles intact
  • Minimal shedding and no tangles.
  • You can straighten, curl, and color this hair.
  • Suggestions for ordering: If you order Body Wave Virgin Hair 16” or shorter, we suggest that you purchase 2-3 bundles of hair for a full installation. If you’re ordering 18″ or longer , we strongly suggest that you order 3 bundles for proper fullness. For extra voluminous hairstyles, we suggest you purchase 3-4 bundles.  Excessively chemically treating virgin hair will potentially damage the hair. We recommend that you use our weft sealer for extra protection against shedding.

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