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Why Women LOVE Hair Extensions

5 Tips You Will Agree With! No matter what your background is, some good hair extensions will be one of the best investments you make. There are plenty of women that love hair extensions, and there are plenty of reasons why. When I first started wearing hair extensions, I was exposed to the greatness of them. At first, I didn’t realize how many benefits they had for my hair. When I would protect my natural hair using extensions, I noticed that my hair grew much faster, was healthier and overall better than before. After years of wearing extensions, I’ve realized that there are many advantages to buying and using extensions. If you’re contemplating making the change over to extensions, let...

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Hair's and dont's

Color Tips To Consider Most of us have wanted to color our hair at one point or another. Coloring hair is a fun process that leaves us with a fresh, new style to rock. When I dyed my hair for the first time, I was smart enough to use a professional. However, even though I used a professional hair stylist the first time, there were some do’s and don’t that I forgot to acknowledge when it came to coloring my hair the second time. Anyone that wants to dye their hair needs to know the essential things to do and the critical things to avoid. There are plenty of rules and regulations to follow when coloring hair, mainly to avoid...

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