What's the Difference Between A Medical Wig and a Fashion Wig?

A lot of people assume that people who wear wigs only wear them due to a loss of their hair from cancer treatments or other medical conditions. However, there are many people who wear wigs just to switch up their hairstyle. Some people may find no difference between a medical wig aka cranial prosthesis and a fashion wig, but there are some slight differences in their construction and quality that make all the difference.

Custom Made Wigs to Your Specifications - Cranial Prosthesis

In order to maintain a sense of normalcy many people suffering from hair loss due to a medical illness may want to conceal their condition from others. Many medical wigs are created using high quality 100% human hair aka "remy hair". These medical wigs are constructed in a way to mimic the person's natural hair. . 

A Natural Look

Even though most people who choose to wear a wig for any reason want a natural look, many fashion wigs are made from lower quality materials, due to the fact many fashion wigs are not worn 24/7. With the right styling products and tools it is pretty hard to tell the difference between someone wearing a fashion wig vs a medical wig. However, medical wigs are constructed with high quality materials that will last quite a while and are considered an investment. 

Hassle Free

Patients who lose their hair due to a medical illness are already under a lot of anxiety and stress having to deal with challenging medical treatments. For this reason, we specialize in medical wigs that make wearing our products as easy as possible for patients, giving them one less thing to worry about. Our wigs are lightweight, breathable and easy to take on and off. With exceptional hair quality the care for these wigs is fairly simple. 

Wearing a wig isn’t a choice everyone will make. Some people may choose fashion wigs to change their hairstyle up, while others have no choice because of a medical condition. Fortunately, wigs (cranial prosthesis) created for patients can be life transforming and aid in the healing process. In addition, medical wigs are custom created with each specific patient in mind. This allows you to choose a hair color and style that matches your previous hair while hiding your condition from anyone who doesn’t need to know.

If you are looking for a medical wig with quality hair contact us. We offer medical and fashion lace wigs.

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