What are the benefits of wearing lace front wigs?

In this article we show you not just one, but a few methods that will work in order for lace front wigs to stay on.

I’ll answer that in a bit. But first, let’s get to know lace front wigs better first.

What is a lace front wig?

Lace front wigs are the latest breakthrough in the fashion industry. A skin color lace mesh type material is attached in front of the wig that can easily blend with your skin and look exactly like your scalp. This gives the appearance of real hair rather than a wig; even a closer look won’t reveal that you are wearing a wig. The lace color is customized according to the customer’s skin color, to give a perfect blend and natural look to the wig.

 lace front wig

Why lace front wigs?

Not everyone is blessed with thick, shiny and healthy hair. For a woman, hair adds to their beauty and makes them look even prettier. Although some may find this a more conventional norm, that may not apply for a specific group of people. But it’s a universal acceptance that women look more beautiful with long and shiny hair.

Lace front wigs have been on the market for a very long time. But unlike today, earlier people wore wigs only to hide their baldness or some other skin conditions. Today most women understand wigs as a fashion accessory. Hair styling like curling and coloring are very costly, so many time women prefer wearing wigs over their natural hair to give them the kind of hairstyle they want, sans the heavy expenditure.

Another thing with lace front wigs is that you can easily switch to a different style or color, as per the occasion or dress you will be wearing.

What are the benefits of wearing lace front wigs?

With the latest techniques and improvement in wig making techniques, lace front wigs are as natural as real hair when applied correctly. Lace front wigs serve the same purpose as your hair would do, and provide the same benefits. But for information sake lets pen down some critical benefits of wearing lace front wigs:

  • They help cover baldness, due to ageing or other health conditions
  • Cover grey hair
  • Help boost confidence to those who are recovering after chemotherapy
  • Instill zest to those who are naturally bald looking for the most natural look
  • Add a sense of fashion, with latest hairstyles and colors
  • Provide density, lustier and length

With the fashion trends changing every day and so many tastes to cover, even the hair making industry keeps up with research and development. The latest lace front wigs have received tremendous response from people across the globe.

How do lace front wigs stay on?

Now I know many of you are wondering how a wig with lace in the front would be worn. Won’t it just slip off? Wouldn’t the lace be visible? Well, we have the answers to all these questions, to put your doubts to rest.

The many ways lace front wigs can stay on can be endless. In general, they can stay on with either wig grips, pins, combs, liquid adhesive glues and/or tapes.


Before we dive deeper on how lace front wigs stay on, you should know that it is not a single step or some magic glue that keeps it intact. The entire process is made of little details and steps which allow the lace front wig to stay on.

What do I do with the lace on a lace front wig?

When it comes to lace front wigs 99% of the time the excess lace will still be attached. In order for the lace wig to look natural you will want to remove all of this lace with some sharp scissors right up to the hairline.

How to make a lace front wig stay on WITHOUT glue

There are several ways to get a lace front to stay on however, using a Wig Grip is a great, easy way to wear your lace front wig. It is made with a comfortable, stretchy, double-sided crushed velvet material with a closure in the back to fit most head sizes comfortably. The ideal solution for hair- loss, alopecia, chemo/cancer patients, and anyone seeking the ultimate in comfort and security without the use of glues and/or tapes.

SLIP-PROOF – SECURITY FOR YOUR LACE FRONT WIG - This top-rated hair accessory is the easiest, safest and most comfortable way to secure your wig, scarf or hat, designed by beauty experts to make your life easier.  The wig grip comfort band is going to make sure that your wig stays in place without any discomfort, All You Have To Do Is: Wear the flexible and breathable wig band - Securely place your wig on top - Go on with your day!

Step 1 – Begin by either braiding or pulling your hair back. Position the wig grip directly behind your natural edges and secure the wig grip by securing the Velcro ends. Secure the wig grip comfortably in place, you don't want to put it on tight.

Step 2 –   Carefully place your lace front wig on your head exactly where you want it. Once it’s attached to the wig grip it really “grips” on firmly and will be hard to move later. Adjust your lace wig by gently pulling the hair into the position you desire. Lastly, secure your lace wig at the nape of your head.

Boom! Once you have secured your hair in place, rest assured that your hair will not move around.

Step 3 – Pin your lace wigs hair back and focus on your hairline and pulling out some baby hairs to create a more natural look and feel.

Step 4 – Unpin your lace wig's hair, fluff it out and style as you wish.


How to make a lace front wig stay on WITH glue

How To Apply A Lace Front Wig With Liquid Adhesive

The scalp must be clean and oil free. Using a makeup sponge or brush, apply thin even coats of your favorite brand of lace wig adhesive to scalp hairline, avoiding any of your own hair. Blow dry until tacky between coats. Once dry it will turn clear in appearance. Important: Do not apply your lace wig when when the glue is still white. Next, press the lace wig system onto the skin and firmly hold for 10 seconds. Do not swim, workout, or shampoo for at least 24 hours.

Again another important thing here is to keep in mind your hairline. Your stylist will pay particular attention to detail your hairline. All these steps combined with the precision of a great hair stylist give the lace front wig a better chance to stay on for long time. But yet, due care must be provided to that type of glue that you use to stick it. The quality of hair glue may vary upon the need to wear the wig.

People looking for a long term solution may need water resistant and high-quality glue that is moisture resistant. Others that want the wig temporarily can do with a a glue or tapes made for daily wear.


How long can you leave a lace front wig on?

Although not recommended. A lace front wig can be left on for up to six weeks with long term adhesive. The length of time a lace front wig can be left on is really defendant upon what method and products were used to apply the wig, as well as body chemistry. 

Benefits of wearing a lace front wig vs. a regular wig

Unlike other wigs, a lace front wig is very popular and beneficial:

  • Lace front wigs are the most natural looking on the market today.
  • The lace front is dyed to match your skin tone, giving the wig base the same color as your scalp.
  • Because it is a lace material, it easily blends with your skin and is hardly visible

Who can wear a lace front wig?

Lace front wigs are so effortless and easy to pull off that anybody can wear it. It is suitable for any genders. Even kids with skin disorders that prevent hair from growing can also wear it. If you need a new hairstyle or trend now and then, lace front wigs is a great choice, while protecting your own natural hair from the damage that changing hairstyles can create. 


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