Are you doing more harm than good to your dyed tresses?

Prevent damaged hair color by not doing any of these things!

Damaged hair color is nothing to play with! Your hair color is an investment well worth protecting—and summer, with its abundance of sun and water, is one of its biggest threats. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to maintain your color’s prestige—and a few things you might not know were contributing to its downfall. 


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The desire for squeaky-clean hair can feel irresistible, but unfortunately, even wetting your hair leaves your color vulnerable to damage. Water causes the hair to swell and lifts the cuticle (the shingle-like layer of cells that strengthen and protect your strands. This lets dye molecules escape and wash down the drain. Go old school and pop on a shower cap, or simply throw your hair into an out-of-the-way bun when you hop into the shower.


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When you do wash, do it right. Opt for shampoo specific to color care, which works by sealing your cuticle and reducing the leaching of color. We’re huge advocates of Aveda’s Color Conserve line. Bonus Tip: “When you’re in the shower after you shampoo, wring the excess water out of your hair. You’ll see a lot more bang for your buck,”. You’ll see less product waste, and enable the conditioner to better penetrate the hair shaft.


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“Your hair needs protecting just like your skin,”. Many people reach for a hat as a solution, but if you’re spending a lot of time outside, you’ll end up with bleached-out, damaged ends that don’t match the rest of your hair. Instead, “I always tell people to use a leave-in conditioner that has SPF in it,” says Shelley. We recommend Aveda Color Conserve Daily Color Protect, which contains cinnamon bark and wintergreen-derived UV filters and green tea-derived antioxidants to defend against environmental elements. (And yes, it smells just as delicious as you’re imagining.) 


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To the pool, lake, ocean, or whatever another body of water your summer adventures have taken you. Before taking the plunge, wet your hair down. (Yes—this is your exception to the minimal water rule. 😉 )“Your hair is like a sponge,” “It will only absorb so much of something.” And it’s much better off if that something is water in its purest form, rather than water laced with chlorine, salt, or the heavy concentration of minerals found in freshwater bodies. All these can contribute to color fading and increase damage. After you swim, rinse your hair again as soon as possible. “Never let chlorine dry in your hair — it tears it up,”. Not to mention, often leaves it green.

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